As an external asset manager and a trusted financial adviser, our clients will benefit from the strength of our financial partners, who act as custodians of all assets. Together we will prioritize and formulate solutions catered to your personal goals and objectives.

As our client, you will have access to products and services from our financial partners such as, multi-currency bank accounts with excellent financial institutions in major banking centers, and portfolio management services. Portfolio management will be divided into two particular formats. Discretionary management is where we will provide you with portfolio management decisions, asset allocation strategies and trading recommendations. Advisory management is another component of portfolio management, where together with you, in line with your investment objectives and risk appetite we will assist you in trading the following asset classes; fixed income, equities, foreign exchange, and commodities

    We provide wealth structuring and transfer planning services, which allow you access to our partner’s services related to setting up trusts, company formation and management, tax optimization and philanthropic management and legacy planning/insurance. We provide real estate services where we assist our clients in locating top commercial and residential real estate investment opportunities in prime areas in Singapore, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai ,and Kuala Lumpur. We advise our clients on how to best structure and finance their real estate investments. Credit Services include an array of lending services to our clients, such as Lombard loans, guarantees, and other forms of collateralized lending. Private equity opportunities will allow us to offer you with direct private equity investment opportunities. Our private equity offerings will be in strategic sectors, taking into careful consideration the global developments and clearly defined exit strategies on a 3-5 year period.